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We've developed Kayak Condos, the world's first modular storage system for kayaks, to make it easier to access kayaks and kayaking gear. The idea (and our quest) is to increase paddling experiences and get folks out on the water more often.  Isn't that why they bought a kayak? 

Secondly, we developed our product to enhance waterfront locations by (1) increasing the frequency of visitation and (2) driving sales by virtue of renting or leasing Kayak Condos to those desiring and willing to pay for added convenience.  Convenience – in banking, food services, dry cleaning, and anything else – is key.  Today, we stream entertainment on any form of electronic device.  We watch when we want to, i.e.: when it's convenient.  

We don't think an electronic device will – anytime soon – make it easier to access your kayak floating on a waterway, in the open air, at ease and at peace with the world, but Kayak Condos will!

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Price per share/unit: $1.00
Min investment amount:  $100
Min % of company: 4.8%
Max % of company: 9.1.0%

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Buddy Doyle
Gardiner, Maine
Designed Kayak Condos – the world\'s first modular storage system for kayaks. Spent previous 40 years in marketing, advertising and design.
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Project Deadline: 01/02/2017

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