Treycent integrates with Alexa and delivers fast, easy access to online content and services using voice commands and our virtual personal assistant. 60,000+ downloads!

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Treycent, Inc Generating revenue Mobile Apps


The Treycent App delivers faster, easier access to online content and services. 

The problem we solve relates to anyone with a smartphone, smartwatch, or computer who wants faster, easier access to content and services.  Since we went live we already have 60,000 downloads and continue to advance our technology for use in the business marketplace.  

We are an App and technology company which allows businesses users to get more out of their Alexa Skills and consumers to create their own personal virtual assistants. For businesses, we augment skills by providing technology that allows for: 1) Skills to be invoked from existing apps and websites in addition to Echo devices, 2) Skills to be invoked without requiring an invocation phrase, 3) related visual content displayed alongside Alexa's spoken reply such as a “learn more” or “buy now” web pages, 4) retrieval of any additional content from any URL especially in response to commands, not questions, where a spoken reply from Alexa is unnecessary.

For consumers, we provide voice-enabled smartphone, smartwatch and web apps that allow them to easily create their own virtual assistants that can answer questions, retrieve their favorite content, and invoke their IFTTT Recipes and Alexa Skills to control their apps and devices. And with over 60,000 Android (consumer) app installs, we're on our way to something special!

Why Should You Invest?

Trusting us with your hard earned money gets you stock in the company. In other words, you become a family member of a humble yet rapidly growing business. Our Android app already has more than 60,000 downloads, numbers that the majority of apps never achieve.  In this space of voice recognition, we have seen some very big acquisitions and hope to grow our downloads and become an attractive acquisiiton target.

The funds will be used to expand our user base, continue development, apply for patents, and initiate B2B sales.

Simply put, our apps are the logical solution to the reality of our ever increasing amounts of content and complexity. So spread the word and join our family!

Donald McSwain, CEO

Visit us at:

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Price per share/unit: $1.00
Min investment amount:  $500
Min % of company: 2.4%
Max % of company: 9.1%

About the Founder

Donald McSwain
Sarasota, Florida
Former Software Engineer @Microsoft, @Expedia, and @MITRE
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Project Deadline: 04/15/2017

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