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Claims Detectives plans to be the first National Claims Adjuster Service.  Call Claims Detectives to get more on your property claim and faster. Invest for stock and profit sharing to help us grow!

Claims Detectives sets property owners up with a licensed and bonded public adjuster which can lead to, on average, the property owner making 550% more than they would have made if they went through insurance alone.  Our team has been working in the property insurance settlement industry for over a decade and can put clients in touch with the 57 billion dollars that is left on the table each year from property settlement claims. In addition, we are developing a software design that will revolutionize how public adjusters work on claims - allowing them to do more claims, in shorter time. There is nothing like this in the market and the benefit to both consumers and adjusters is huge.

Disasters to property create hardships and stress that make it difficult to move forward. Most property owners do not know they have options when a disaster occurs. 95% of property owners represent themselves when they have a claim.  Florida’s independent OPPAGA report shows that property owners can make 574% more on their property claim on average by using a public adjuster rather than handling it themselves.  Not enough property owners know that is an option or how to contact an adjuster when a tragedy strikes.

Claims Detectives will take the guess work out. We plan to grow awareness for public adjusters and the options property owners have when they need to file a claim. Contact us and we will set you up with a public adjuster and you’ll be on your way to getting the settlement you deserve.

Our challenge will be spreading awareness for the public adjuster option. An aggressive marketing and awareness campaign will be required to inform property owners that they can contact the Claims Detectives and after only a few minutes, find out they can get over 550% more back on their claim.

Claims Detectives is a public adjustment corporation based out of Atlanta, Georgia. It will serve the greater Atlanta area with its initial launch. Atlanta is the 35th largest economy in the world and is affected by a variety of weather conditions and life events that lead to property damage.  The image and brand building campaign will initially be launched to spread awareness to the Atlanta area about Claims Detectives. Atlanta will also serve as the Nationwide Claims Detectives operational hub. The Atlanta hub staff will be comprised of insurance attorneys, accountants, and claims settlement specialists. They will focus on helping local public adjusters negotiate and close each claim. This will result in faster and larger claim settlements for the property owners. It will also allow Claims Detective public adjusters to close claims and begin new ones at a faster rate.

The competitive advantage comes from our proprietary Insured Solutions Management tool (ISM). It replaces the multiple independent software tools rented each year by public adjusters. Right now, Public Adjusters have to enter and re-enter the same information over a multitude of software that do not communicate with each other. In addition to tedious work, this also opens the claim up for errors. Our proprietary designed ISM tool will allow information to be entered once and then shared throughout the system via the Cloud. All information will be passed to our Atlanta Hub where our settlement professionals will handle the claim information. This will allow Claims Detectives Public Adjusters to work more efficiently and get more claims done in shorter amounts of time. So, property owners will receive more money and so will our adjusters!

Investors get Stock in the Company and Profit Sharing.  For profit sharing, after holding a reserve of $2M, we are taking 75% of our profits and distributing them to our Preferred Shareholders until each is paid 10 times your original investment.  This gives our investors cash flow and long term stock value.  

Come help us build the first national brand in our industry! 

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Price per share/unit: $100.00
Min investment amount:  $300
Min % of company: 0.3%
Max % of company: 1.3.0%

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Profit Sharing
In Addition to Stock, Shareholders get profit sharing.

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Byron Holmes
Marietta, Georgia
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